2001 Symposium


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Model Performance Calculation, Ian Kaynes
Some Thoughts on Computer Simulations and on the 30g Wakefield, Peter King
Small, Medium, or Large: Which is the Best P-30 for You? John O’Dwyer
Turbulator Alternatives, Hermann Andresen

Finite Element Torsional Stiffness and Buckling Analysis of Large Dawn, Unlimited Rubber Model Truss Fuselages, Jeff Annis
Jigs and Fixtures: Don’t Build Without Them, Rex Hinson
Composite Outer Wing Panels, Aram Schlosberg
Building a Modern Oldtimer, Tom McCoy
Solutions to an Erratic Vertical Climb, Gil Morris
Electric Duration by the Numbers, Charles Groth
How To Use Electric Power Systems In Free Flight Scale Events, Dave Rees
Indoor Models powered by D/C Motors, Robert Wilder

The Impact of Technology on Free Flight, Louis Joyner
The Free Flight Cottage Industry and My Part in It, Mike Woodhouse
A Plea for International Competition in F1N, Jim Buxton
The Model Club and the Science Olympiad, Jesse Aronstein
The NFFS National Cup, Robert L. Perkins

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