2018 Symposium


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The NFFS Annual Symposia cover all aspects of indoor and outdoor free flight, plus theory and practice. Also included are members of the Hall of Fame, and the outstanding models of the year.

Once in a Lifetime – Gil Morris
Origin and Development of the Winding Stooge in 1960’s France – Gerard Pierre-Bes
Ralph and Walt Prey, a Retrospective on Their Life and Contributions – Mike Schwartz and Mike Prey
Golden Age of 1/2 A NFFS Provisional Event – Mike Schwartz and Bob DeShields
Youth Recruitment Ideas – Bill Kuhl

My Approach to Rubber Scale Flying – Don Deloach
Bringing Up the Rear – Herman Andressen
LDA for F1C Experiment? – Richard Mathis
E36, Watts and Auto Rudder – Aram Schlosberg

Polyspan and Tissue, How I Do It – Glenn Schneider
The Evolution and Taming of the Lost Hills Crocodile a Rare but Not Endangered Species – Glenn
Methods for Use of Viscous Timer – Bill Kuhl
A Survey of GPS and ROT Systems and Their Use in Free Flight Models – Mike Schwartz
Gearbox Multiplier for Peanuts – Jean Pierre DiRienzo
Comparing Adhesives and Techniques for Laminating Thin Balsa Sheets – Steven Henderson New Age Models – Michel Coviaux
FF Electronics – Massimo Ursicino
2018 Models of the Year
2018 Hall of Fame
2018 Presidential Message
2018 Patrons of the NFFS Symposium
Authors and Editors

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