SEN 1889

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SEN 1889 – Table of Contents

  1. 2014 Sympo
  2. Simple Summer Sale @ Andriukov
  3. USA 2015 F1E Team
  4. Mongolia Results ?

2014 Sympo

The 2014 NFFS Symposium Report is available now! If you are a patron, expect it to be in you mailbox by the weekend if if hasn’t arrived already. If you want to buy one at the US Nats it will be available for $35.00. If you want to order one contact Bob Stalick, at freefliter. Overseas orders can also be placed with Ian Kaynes.

Ross Jahnke

Simple Summer Sale @ Andriukov

SALE! 10% off entire product line. Special discount for Simplicity-2
timers. Visit our web site for details.

Alex Andriukov

USA 2015 F1E Team

The competition to name the 2015 F1E team was flown in Denver in conjunction with the MMM Club’s 35th annual FAI
competition. The results have been approved are:

1. Bob Sifleet
2. Tom Ioerger
3. Peter Brocks
Alternate is Rick Pangell

Mongolia Results ?

Our plan was to include the F1B and F1C results from the Asian Oceania Champs in Mongolia but have not been able to get results . About 3rd hand we hears that Vin Morgan of Australai was 3rd in F1B … but that’s all so frar. The F1A results were posted promptly but ….

Roger Morrell