SEN 1983

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Table of Contents – SEN 1983

  1. Trails 90 for sale
  2. Favionics fxZero
  3. Taibi Event

2 Honda Trail 90 s for sale
Call Peter Allnutt in Taft on 661 763 5039

Favionics fxZero
From: GEF

Favionics is pleased to introduce a new, low cost flight controller for the
freeflight community. fxZero is targeted at beginners and value minded
fliers and offers special pricing for juniors.

More info can be found at:


This coming Sunday, March 15th, the SCAMPS will hold the Taibi Memorial at
Taibi Field in Perris , Ca. For all you Southern California Freeflight
folks, this is a fantastic day for fun and good competition. The contest will
feature 10 events both rubber and power. Check out the flyer at the SCAMPS
web-site on _www.scamps.homestead.com_ (

Sal Taibi was a mentor to many of us . We hope you can set aside some time
to join us there and have some fun.
Roger Willis.. SCAMPS Member