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Table of Contents – SEN 2223

  1. SEN 2222
  2. Dave Saks
  3. F1B wings for sale
  4. Timing fly off flights
  5. Handicapping?
  6. Is this F1P legal?

SEN 2222

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Dave Saks
From:Jim Lueken

The FAI world has lost another member. Dave Saks passed away on November 25th. Dave was a fantastic all round modeler. He was on the 2011 US F1B team and helped them to 3rd place as a team. I believe he was also on a F1E team as well but was unable to attend the world champs. There was also another team he was part of. Dave was one of the back up pilots for the Gossamer Albatross man powered airplane that crossed the English Channel back in the 70’s. Dave and I had a final flying session together about 3 weeks ago. It was a beautiful day, we did some flying and had some laughs. I’m really glad I took the time to make that trip! There might be a lesson in there for others….
See you in the next round Dave.

Jim Lueken

F1B wings for sale

from: Bill Booth

I have three wings for sale.  One Andriukov 6-Panel, One of the first Tony
Mathews LDA 4-Panel & One 6-Panel that Walt Ghio had Stepan Stefanchuk build
to his design a few years ago.  All are good wings, all are new and all are
uncovered.  I’m not going anywhere, I just above too much stuff and too many
projects and will probably never use these.

$200 each or $500 for the lot.  I’ll pay for standard shipping.    or

Timing fly off flights
From: Mike Thompson

We could try what they do with old timers when they fly Texaco the timer goes with the flyer and chases the flight to the ground or until the max. That way binoculars, haze, obstacles would not be a factor.

(Mike – in that case I need a timer who can ride a motor bike like you can !)

From: Gene Ulm

Handicapping?  It’s done lots of places.  Auto racing, at the highest levels, entrants are regularly handicapped to level the playing field.  Several very recent examples:

Following  a test day at this year’s Le Mans,

— both Ford and Aston Martin were permitted to run at a 20kg lighter weight.

— Aston Martin was also permitted to run a larger restrictor plate — letting it breath a little better.

— Ferrari, fresh off a couple of wins, was hit with a 10kg weight penalty.

— chevy was permitted to run both less weight and a larger restrictor plate.

— porsche was permitted to run a slightly larger fuel tank.

AND.  They were not done yet: upon reports that Ford was sandbagging, half the weight they took off was added back on!

These are just recent examples.  It’s been done for years both to level classes as well as allow multiple classes to compete for overall wins.

The point is that handicapping is REGULARLY done at the highest levels of sport to maintain the success of the event and limit performance.  And increase competition.   It may not be the answer but all of which seems very familiar.

Is this F1P legal?
From: Klaus Salzer

The plane is described having autorudder and VIT – is this legal?
The FAI rules state “fixed aerodynamic surfaces exept varying incidence”.
If the rudder is an aerodynamic surface (in my opinion it is) then autorudder is not allowed.
Maybe that is the reason many people find F1P hard to fly as they stick to this interpretation?
Or does the FAI consider the rudder not an arodynamic surface?
Should that be clarified? Which way (forbid or allow)?

Season’s greetings from Austria!
Klaus Salzer

Editor’s Comment

While just a simple sportsman and not :

F1P flyer

The sporting code, extract below say “lift is generated by aerodynamic
forces acting on surfaces remaining fixed in flight, except for changes of incidence.”   and later
“Only one change may be made to the wing or horizontal tail incidence or camber during the flight before dethermalising.”

Seeing the vertical tail surface does not provide lift and is not mentioned in the second phrase it is OK to move it .

extract from sporting code

A model aircraft in which the energy is provided by a piston type motor and in which lift is generated by aerodynamic
forces acting on surfaces remaining fixed in flight, except for changes of incidence.
Variable geometry or area is not allowed.

3.6.2. Characteristics of Model Aircraft with Piston Type Motors
Minimum projected wing surface area …………………….. 26 dm2
Maximum projected wing span ……………………………….. 1.5m
Minimum total weight ……………………………………………. 250 g
Maximum duration of motor run …………………………….. 7 seconds from release of model.
Maximum swept volume of motor(s) ……………………….. 1,00 cm3
Only one change may be made to the wing or horizontal tail incidence or camber during the flight before dethermalising.
No extensions whatsoever are allowed to the exhaust opening(s) of the motor(s).
The motor must drive the propeller directly, no gears allowed
Mechanical brakes are not allowed for stopping the motor.
Fuel constituents are not restricted.

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