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SEN 2253 – Table of Contents

  1. Apologies
  2. Why Pre-Enter Fab Feb
  3. SEN Editorial Policy
  5. Invitation to fly VSM session at the Fabulous February week  2017
  6. More Fab Feb Stuff

We must apologize to our readers with the large numbers of SEN issues that have been appearing recently, mainly with information about the February events at Lost Hills.  These events take a lot of organizing and we know that not everyone that is going has entered yet or has specifies on SEN that they want Fab Feb info so we have to send it to all.  Soon the event will be over and we can get back to normal.

Why Pre-Enter Fab Feb
We posted some pictures from Lost Hills yesterday on FB  and I was happy to see a number of Likes.  It is just two weeks until the “Fab Feb” contests at Lost Hills. These are the Isaacson Winter Classic/Kiwi Cup, the North American Cup and the Bob White Memorial MaxMen International. The Ike has many AMA class events plus a $1000 special prize and a Aussie/Kiwi style Scramble.  The other events have FAI World Cup and Mini Events. This is one of the biggest free flight events in the USA.  You can look at detailed information here
So far we have had about 170 people pre-enter for the FAI events.  Pre-entry is not needed for the AMA events at the Ike. Over half the people flying come from outside of North America and it take a little longer to process their entries than US and Canadian flyers. There a quite a number of people planning on attending who have not entered yet and I’ve heard people say “I’m a local flyer so I don’t have as much paper work as the visitors so I don’t need to pre-enter.”.  Think about this. We could have 200 people entering. If the 200 all turned up at 7am to enter and first round started at 8am, even with just paying your entry fee and signing the AMA safety sheet there is no way you are going to make the end of the first round let alone the start. Yes, you can sign up on the field the day before and yes not everyone is flying in the first event, but get real guys.
Here is the pre-entry link  Help us, help your fellow Sportsmen, help yourself – pre enter.

SEN Editorial Policy
SEN is about FAI Free Flight and we encourage material about all aspects of that from all our readers. Our readers are from over 30 countries all around the world. SEN encourages the exchange of ideas and discussions  around FAI Free Flight and requires that they be respectful.  SEN does not publish general material or material considered political.   We know that there many issues in the world today, many more important that flying model airplanes but we also appreciate that leisure and sporting activities of all kinds play an important part in balancing our lives in today’s world.  So we are focusing solely on the flying part that keeps you balanced.  Probably an appropriate model flying analogy. There are other places to better address other issues.

“Stamov Long”  four servo with red magic timer  $1,000

Stamov Rock n Roll made by GEF with FX10 timer (needs i phone)  Brand New
$1,500 plus $275 for Key fob

Contact Brian VanNest or call 1-760-937-0177
or see at Lost Hills Fab Feb 2017

Invitation to fly VSM session at the Fabulous February week  2017
Dear participants of Fabulous February,
You are invited to fly during the FABULOUS February week at Lost Hills on any morning your VSM sunrise session in your way – please make minimum 3 maximum 5 flights at one morning or on different days after sunrise in calm conditions without thermal for measure the “only gliding mode” of your model. You can do it on contest free days as also on contest day, by using test flight before the contest as VSM flight in case of altimeter usage  and RDT after 3 min (version 3: VSM AltiSim).
Additional feature for more fascination are the new categories in F1A similar to F1H like in EUROPEAN F1H CHALLENGE (HEC) still exist – read more under VSMcategories2017  and find your field of activity in the actual ranking.
Nothing is as good, that it can’t be improve – that is also with your models:
– Trim your model for best gliding mode, it will help to win the next Fly off
– Be sure, you will enjoy the early morning flying after a beautiful sunrise
There are 3 types of VSM ranking:
1. “VSM time” – which model has the longest flight   -> flying to the ground
2. “VSM sinking rate” – which model has the best gliding rate sec/ m  -> flying to the ground
3.  ”VSM AltiSim” as test mode with RDT after 3 min
If you like to take part in this VSM series, there is no need of registration anywhere. You go, whenever you want in the first 2 hours of a morning after sunrise out to the field and fly yourself or  as best set up in a group of 5-6 flyers helping and timing each other. It is also a very effective training for great upcoming Fly off’s of these Fabulous February World Cup events. In case of flying with altimeter, please recalibrate before and save the graphs of all flights. After coming home, you download the VSM startcard, fill in and mail me all with the graph.
That’s all and you receive a place in the VSM performance list. In VSM it is not important, to win – read
Under http:// you find all flown sessions. More infos see in the VSM BLOG under
If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me by mail or following VSM promotor in Lost Hills:  Tony Matthews, Leslie Farkas, Per Findahl, Gary Madelin
Best VSM flights in Lost Hills and during the upcoming year
Ansgar Nüttgens
vsmfreeflight (at)

More Fab Feb
Fake Mail from pretending to be from All Carts

One Fab Feb Flyer reports getting a ‘classic’ fake email pretending to be from All Carts the golf cart supplier.  It was one of those where the person says the are stuck in a foreign country so please send money.  The flyer recognized for the scam it is and asked us to pass the warning on to you all.

Total entries so far 173 and the latest is from Korea

Deviations from the FAI Rules.
The Kiwi Cup and the MaxMen International are 7 round events

The Kiwi Cup and the North American Cup will be flown from a flight line but NO pole positions required.

The Kiwi Cup, North American and MaxMen International will not supply time keepers. Contestants are expected to time each other.

SEN Status
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Existing SEN subscribers can update their preferences by following the update your preferenceslink at the bottom of this page.

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Reminder :Fab Feb online entry form is available at:
It lets you sign up for all the FAI events at the Kiwi Cup, Ike Winter Classic, North American Cup, California Cup and The MaxMen International.  Held at Lost Hills from 11 to 20 February 2017.
All the latest information can be found at
Roger Morrell