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  1. Pre-Kiwi Cup Flash

Pre-Kiwi Cup Flash


  • Event will be flown from Red Flight line approx 500m north of Camp ground
  • FAI event to the west (of the Port Potties) and AMA to th East
  • Parking in center in line with Port Potties and to West of FAI line
  • FAI line from Center going West is B Q A C
  • FAI Score Desk is white Toyota Tundra truck between Q and A segment of the flight line
  • FAI time cards can be picked up from said truck
  • Registration for FAI events not completed can be completed at the Toyota Truck
  • For FAI events time cards must be given to score keeper every round
  • There will be Gabby’s Food truck on the field – great Mexican food
  • All vehicles must be off flight line by 7:40
  • FAI Jury is
  • Antony Keorbin – NZL
  • Igor Vivchar – UKR
  • Mike Roberts – USA
  • 3 Continents – 3 classes