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  1. Rubber ? Metaphorically coals to Newcastle…
  2. Mexi Boy Plans
  3. Cancellation of the World Cup Contest at ARZAY-BOSSIEU (FRANCE
  4. Rubber for sale


Annulation du concours coupe du monde à ARZAY-BOSSIEU (FRANCE)
From: jean pierre Challine

Le PARIS AIR MODELE et le VOL LIBRE DE LA BIEVRE ont le regret d’ annoncer
l’annulation du concours Coupe du Monde des 27 et 28 octobre, suite à des
problèmes liés aux terrains agricoles du site. Nous sommes vraiment désolés
de ce contretemps.

Les organisateurs


Cancellation of the World Cup Contest at ARZAY-BOSSIEU (FRANCE)
from:jean pierre Challine

The PARIS AIR MODEL and the FREE FLIGHT OF BIEVRE have the regret to announce
the cancellation of the Contest World Cup of 27 and 28 October, following
problems related to agricultural land of the site. We are really sorry
for this setback.

The organizers


Rubber ? Metaphorically coals to Newcastle…
From:Michael J Woodhouse

I can’t resist an English expression, you are asking us to “carry to coals to Newcastle”!?

Michael J Woodhouse

Mexi Boy Plans
From: Bob Stalick

Mexi Boy Plans – George Voss asked for a set of Mexi Boy plans. I see where they re available directly from NFFS Plans Service. This is the 86″ version for Class C-D. $12 is the stated price.

Bob Stalick

Rubber for Sale
From: William Booth

Hi Roger,

I have accumulated more rubber than I will use in three lifetimes and it is just taking up space in my closet.  Please post on SEN that for starters, I have an 11.4 lb box of April 12 that has never been opened.  I’m listening to offers.


Bill –