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February at Lost Hills

This is an update on the February contests at Lost Hills.
The CIAM as announced that World Cup events do not begin until March at the earliest so these will not be World Cup contests.

Last October the Sierra and Kotuku Cups plus the San Valeers Annual (a Large AMA event) were run at Lost Hills, applying the Covid protocol with good local attendance and some visitors from other Western States. Based on this experience this is the plan for the February events.

It is possible that there might be State of California regulations in place at the time that could cause the cancelation or postponement of the event. You can find the California State information at For those not familiar with California geography Lost Hills is in Kern County.

The FAI events will be America’s Cup events and the AMA events National Cups.

1. Saturday February 6, 2021 Kiwi Large FAI & Isaacson, AMA
2. Sunday February 7, 2021: Kiwi FAI Minis & Isaacson AMA
Brian Van Nest CD for FAI events, Glenn Schneider CD for AMA events
3. Monday February 8, 2021: Max Men Minis Bill Booth CD
4. Tuesday February 9, 2021: Kiwi F1E Peter Brocks CD
5. Wednesday February 10, 2021: Cal Cup F1E Brian Van Nest CD
6. Thursday February 11 & Friday February 12: Off Days
7. Saturday February 13,2021: Max Men Large FAI Bill Booth CD
8. Sunday February 14, 2021: North American Cup Walt Ghio CD if Canadians are unavailable.

The presentation of the America’s Cup 2020 awards would normally take place at the Banquet. This almost certainly will not be held, alternative arrangements to be announced.

Detailed flyers will be available “real soon now”. Covid protocols will be in force at all events. Schedule subject to events beyond the control .

Advance entry. Normally for the FAI events there advance online entry required. This will not be available for 2021. It is not needed as there are no World Cup events, not many international visitors expected and much smaller number of participants.

The CIAM and FAI overall have email news letters that you can subscribe to at no charge, many readers probably do. In case you don’t here is the latest issues with some interesting historical and current information.

The latest edition of the CIAM Flyer is now available:
Featured – György Benedek: Pioneer of airfoils for low Reynolds numbers.

Click to access ciam_flyer_6-2020.pdf

FAI News

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